Geyser Installation & Repairs

If you are a homeowner or a contractor and are looking for a professional and experienced geyser installation or repair service, look no further than Lifestyle Plumbing.

We install all makes of geysers, mainly Kwikot and Tecron of all sizes from 50L up to 250L.

Your geyser could burst at anytime which is why we are available for callouts 24/7 all around our locality. The majority of people don’t know what to do when something goes wrong with their geyser.

Should your geyser burst its necessary to take immediate action. Firstly, turn the geyser breaker off on your distribution board. Secondly stop the supply of water to your geyser in order to alleviate the risk of flooding. Finally, immediately call an experienced geyser repair specialist.

In addition to handling burst geysers we are also able to perform any kind of repairs required be it pipes, valves, elements, thermostats or anodes replacement to name a few. We also perform cleaning out all of the build-up from the inside of geysers.

Has your geyser burst or is in need of repairs? Contact us immediately for a prompt quote, installation or 24/7 callout.